Photo Gallery from Our Senior Residential Program Events

Aileen Callahan, a resident of Cadbury Commons, gave a lecture to the community on Feb. 20 on her watercolors on exhibit at the New Bedford

Whaling Museum, MOBY DICK IN DAYS OF PESTILENCE AND CHAOS.   She had given the Keynote Lecture at the Moby-Dick Marathon,

January 6, 2023.   The watercolors treat the theme of plague (pestilence) in chapter 71 of the novel, MOBY-DICK by Herman Melville, 1851.

The theme resonates with the Covid pandemic the world has been experiencing.

December 2022 – Our annual Holiday Party 2022 with music, dancing and great food and drinks.

Posted 11/3/22 – Our annual Halloween Costume Party was a real treat, and our residents came up with some pretty great costumes! Hover or click to enlarge.