Best Standard of Memory Care for Alzheimer’s

What is Habilitation Therapy?

Habilitation therapy (HT) is part of Cadbury Commons’ Morningside Memory Care program to help people with Alzheimer’s or dementia improve their functional abilities as the disease progresses.

HT was devised in the 1990s by the Alzheimer’s Association, and is thought to be the best practice in everyday care for people with various types of dementia. As opposed to rehabilitation therapy – which is intended to restore a person level of previous function – habilitation therapy is a comprehensive and holistic approach to memory care that aims to extend current levels of functioning and reduce difficult symptoms.

Five Benefits of Habilitation Therapy in Memory Care

Habilitation therapy benefits not only the person living with memory loss but also their family, friends, and. Five benefits of habilitation therapy include:

  1. Increasing the bond between caregivers and patients as they work together on day-to-day abilities
  2. Emotional support where the person in memory care feels respected
  3. Decreased need for certain medications
  4. More positive moments of comfort, and happiness
  5. Sense of purpose for person with dementia

HT can be employed by caregivers outside of a memory care program to help extend functioning, but sometimes the emotional, financial and physical cost of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia can become too much to manage on a daily basis. For more information on how Cadbury Commons can help your loved one, please contact us or schedule a tour.

Helpful Memory Care Products

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