Caregivers are often challenged with a loved one with memory issues, which can different challenges in different stages. From activities for people with dementia to automatic pill dispensers, wearable gps and wandering prevention devices, new technologies can help enrich people with dementia or Alzheimers.

Below is a sampling of some popular and highly rating selections from a website which started as a family fundraiser and has now turned into a full-time store called Alzstore. Many of the products can also be found on other sites, but one unique aspect of the site is an ‘Ask the Expert’ section designed to help caregivers select items best suited to their loved ones’ situation. Follow the links for more information and pricing.*

Helpful Memory Care Products for Early, Middle or Late Stage Dementia

call to mind conversation game for dementia and Alzheimer's activity activities for memory loss gift

Call to Mind Conversation Game for Dementia  is a specially designed board game developed by Laura Templeton over the course of 20 years through research and testing, including accreditation by the UCL. The simple game helps get to know and understand the thinking, likes and dislikes of someone with Dementia. This tool also stimulates memories and encourages conversations, both as the game is played and in everyday interactions. Play it at home with friends and family or in the professional setting of a care home, day care center, hospital or memory café.

activity books for elderly and those with memory loss or alzheimers

Keeping the mind sharp is instrumental in helping those with memory loss. Help your loved-one or patient feel engaged and entertained. Whether by oneself or as a one-on-one activity, this set of 4 activity books will help pass the time in a rewarding way. The four activity books are colorful, challenging (medium skill), and contain a varying array of puzzles, word searches and games that will help stimulate the brain.


A best-selling electronic pill dispenser is the MedReady Original Dispenser which holds up to 28 doses and provides the right medications at the right time. Set an alarm up to four times per day. At the prescribed time, the unit will sound its beeping alarm (which can be set to last for 30, 45, 60 or 250 minutes). The dispenser is easy to load, easy to use and it’s lockable, so no chance of mistake or double-dosing.

One of the most popular items on this site is a robotic therapy pet. Calming and soothing, these furry friends bring the person back to a time in their life when they felt useful and had a sense of purpose; when caring for a young family member was the #1 priority. Alzheimer’s pet therapy helps patients escape from a world where someone is always caring for them.

To reach a family member, caregiver, doctor or 911 – simply use the photo buttons or use the extra large keypad numbers to dial. Our Photo Phone by SMPL has a 3-level ringer volume, flashing incoming call light -plus- an adjustable earpiece that has 4 volume levels, making this phone an option for the hard-of-hearing and for those who wear hearing aids.

door-alarm-monitor-and-remote-plug-in-alarm-alzheimers-dementia-SMPL-SIMPLE-wall-pluginTaking care of an Alzheimer’s patient can pose many significant challenges, and safety is always a high priority. This remote alarm comes with a high-performance transmitter and plug-in wall receiver that can be customized to monitor interior or exterior doors, depending on your individual requirements. Additional SMPL Door Sensors, Motion Detectors and even HELP | SOS Button Pendants (up to 20 sensors) can connect with each alarm monitor to expand coverage for increased safety. Additional alarm monitors and kits can be paired for multiple caregivers.

At Cadbury Commons, our Memory Care Program is founded on the Habilitation Therapy model as taught by the Alzheimer’s Association and stresses independence, cognitive function, physical activity, and supportive emotional and spiritual well-being. If you are considering a residential memory care facility, please contact us for more information or a tour.
*This article is for informational purposes and not meant as an endorsement of any specific products or vendors. Please research and shop competitively.
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