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A Magnet Challenges My World View

In our society “young/old” also connote being “attractive/ugly”, “trendy/out of touch”, “interesting/dull” or “fun/cranky” – the list goes on. Yet chronological age is an increasingly unreliable benchmark of just about anything about a person. And if our society is so excited about the ability to live longer, why do we stigmatize growing older?

Ten Steps for Caring for Someone with Memory Problems

Some people may find themselves unprepared and overwhelmed when they first begin caregiving. It's normal to experience a wide range of emotions at first, from anxiety and anxiety when assuming the role of caregiver. Eventually, many find their responsibility helps to deepen their compassion...

Happy 100th Birthday to One of Our Residents

What a milestone! On our Facebook page, she received many congratulations and Happy Birthday wishes.

Video: A Message of Hope from Our Community

A message of hope from our resident's hearts to your home.

Video: Our Residents are Staying Safe and Getting Creative!

Take a look and see the wonderful and colorful summer projects our residents have been creating.
Aging Parents Driving Conversation tips

7 Tips on How to Talk to Aging Parents About Driving

Some research shows that the most difficult conversation to have is about aging parents driving. Starting the conversation early can help, and keeping the focus of the conversation on how you can help your parent maintain his or her independence while looking at options is key.