Cadbury Commons continues its effort to keep all of its residents and visitors safe during the current pandemic.

As of March 12, 2021, 98% of residents and 78% of staff in ALRs have been vaccinated through the Federal Pharmacy Partnership Program that provided on-site vaccinations for ALR residents and staff from January 11, 2021 to March 23, 2021. Overall vaccine uptake may vary by ALR; however, even more individuals will be vaccinated when the remaining clinics are completed in the coming weeks.

*Cadbury Commons vaccination rates are very similar to those reported above at this time. Our infection rate since May of 2020 has been extremely low due to our efforts and due to the overall low rate of infection in the City of Cambridge. The advent of the vaccine will improve these results as well.

All new incoming residents are required to have received at least one dose of the vaccine prior to entry and to seek the second dose soon after residency in the community.

Employees who have not received the vaccine are required to be Covid Tested on a regular basis to assure they are negative. Those who test positive are held out of work and quarantined for 10 days in accordance with CDC recommendations for those who are asymptomatic. Symptomatic Individuals will be held out until they produce a negative test.

As of March 15th, 2021 Cadbury Commons has re-opened to all visitors, including indoor social visits. However, all visitors, residents, and staff should continue to wear face masks in public spaces regardless of vaccination status.

We are glad to announce that also as of March 15th, 2021 all communal dining has resumed following the guidance specific to restaurants in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Cadbury Commons is also offering indoor group activities at this time following all appropriate guidelines for indoor activities required by the Commonwealth.

Cadbury Commons continues to offer Hair Salon Services following the Massachusetts Guidelines for Close Personal Contact Services

Cadbury Commons and all Assisted Living Communities do reserve the right to suspend Communal Dining and Group activities upon identification of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 Cluster. A COVID-19 Cluster is defined as two or more unrelated cases. Suspension of these services should be limited to the time necessary to determine whether the ALR has a COVID-19 Cluster. If it is determined there is not a COVID-19 Cluster, Communal Dining and Group activities should resume following the infectious control procedures outlined above. In the event there is a COVID-19 cluster, Communal Dining and Group activities should resume once there have not been any new cases for 14 days.

Infection Prevention Continues in our community daily with the following procedures and processes:

  1. Alcohol-Based Stations and Sanitizer, as well and access to handwashing supplies are available to all staff and visitors
  2. All staff and visitors are temperature-tested prior to entry
  3. All Cadbury Personnel are wearing masks and face protection when performing resident care
  4. High Touch areas are cleaned and sanitized daily by our maintenance staff
  5. All residents are encouraged and reminded to wear a face mask when in areas that require it.

This information will be provided to all new residents and family members upon move in, so they fully understand the procedures and expectations of our community in advance of moving in.

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